I was born in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Belém PA, which is in northern Brazil, in the Amazon. When I started to skate in 1996, I knew that I wanted to work with image. I did some zines, photos and videos.

Before that, I was a kid trying to fit in and nothing made much sense. I think the turning point was when I met a group and they started telling me how amazing Beastie Boys were and gave me a k7 tape, one side was Dookie, from Green Day, and the other side was Adios Amigos, from Ramones. Listening to that changed everything. We didn’t live in a pop environment, we didn’t have Mtv, I didn’t speak English, we were in the middle of a tropical forest, unbelievable heat, mosquito, violence, those things.

Thinking now, that sound, almost made me predict my future, made me think about what I wanted for life. This myopic view of things made us understand our own version of what photography and skateboarding is.
It must be difficult for this context to make sense in the minds of those who are not from Latin America, skateboarding on the outskirts of an Amazon city in the mid-90s was not very simple, in the structural, cultural and social sense.

I have always been obsessed with photography and photographed my whole life and only now have I thought about publishing projects more seriously. The market has always taken me a long way from that photographer, there was a technical mannerism there that didn't make me want to be in that place.
Thinking about the references I saw over time, they served a lot to know what I didn't want to produce, maybe I just found myself now. In street photography. Unusual street.

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